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Implementation of LED lighting in the Alex Caprice boutique


The challenge of our company was to compose the right lighting for the new Alex Caprice men’s fashion boutique, opened in April 2016, located at Emilii Plater 25 in the very center of Warsaw.


It is a relatively new brand on the clothing market which, thanks to a noticeable marketing strategy, attracts the attention of customers. According to the company’s slogan: “Welcome to the jacket world”, the main offer of the Russian designer is a diverse selection of jackets and suits for men with a sophisticated sense of style and elegant styling. Therefore, the issue of displaying clothes in a boutique is crucial in this case.


The first impression that appears upon entering the Alex Caprice boutique is undoubtedly the rich color palette of the presented products. In order to properly capture the colors of clothing, you need to choose the right color of lighting. In addition, the light must be optimally matched to the needs of the boutique and its decor. The black ceiling and white brick walls allowed us to emphasize the colors of the clothes with the help of light.

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  • IMG_3289

Due to the above, the choice fell on a neutral color, i.e. in the range of 4000-4500K and with a high color rendering index CRI. Two types of track lamps in a black housing have been used in the boutique, namely Greenie LED track lamps 12x1PowerLED 230V 14W and Greenie LED track lamps 7x1PowerLED 230V 9W.

14W floodlights were installed in the interior of the boutique, while 9W floodlights were used to illuminate the exposition in the shop window. LED Candle Ceramic 6W E14 bulbs were also used, which were used for the classic white chandelier in a glamor style – it beautifully complements the interior.

The final result

The choice of the rail system was not a coincidence, because it is a proven solution, supported by other projects – especially in the category of boutiques or clothing stores. Pictures of the boutique’s interior speak for themselves.

The entire collection is well-lit, and the selected lighting parameters do not disturb the natural perception of the colors of the clothes. In addition, the light generated by our LED sources along with the white interior design makes the entire room filled with bright natural light. In addition to the light properties, our solutions allow you to generate savings due to lower energy consumption and increased service life of our products. In addition, all products aesthetically fit into the interior of the premises, creating a unique boutique character together with the exhibition.


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