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Implementation of LED lighting in the EMIX factory in the ESCO formula

Proper lighting plays a huge role in the ergonomics of the workplace, especially in a factory. It helps to notice possible defects or control the quality of the final product, not to mention the beneficial effect on the comfort of employees. Recently, we had the pleasure to modernize the lighting system at Emix – a plant producing food concentrates, desserts, mixes for the production of cakes and bread. The company supplies its products to the largest chains in Poland and operates on international markets. The production plant is located in Rypin in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Read our article and learn more about what we’ve changed for the better.

When we first visited the Emix factory, we found energy-intensive halogen lighting typical of this type of enterprise. Before we proceeded with the installation of LED luminaires, we rented the Greenie brand equipment, which in our opinion was the most suitable for testing. The tested devices included Alucorn 86 W and AluCorn 44 W – bulbs designed for use in street and industrial lighting.

The inside-mounted, aluminum spindle and active ventilation allow for efficiency up to over 100 lm / W. In addition, the removable body allows for quick repair in the event of a fault. In addition to AluCorns, the Emix factory ceilings also feature linear LH60 luminaires – resistant to dust and water, adapted to work in difficult conditions. They were used as the main lighting of the production hall, passageways and other places in the company that require the best visibility.


The investment was made in the form of financing in accordance with the ESCO formula, which allows for cost-free modernization of lighting resulting from the savings generated by LED lamps compared to traditional lighting. Thanks to that, Emix did not notice a decrease in financial liquidity.

Our company provides comprehensive advice on the selection of LED lighting. We are able to choose lighting for any room, regardless of its purpose – industrial, warehouse, office or residential.

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ESCO (Energy Saving Company or Energy Services Company) is a formula in which an energy company (such as Greenie) provides its services with a view to reducing the client’s energy consumption costs, and then participates in the resulting changes financial benefits. As part of it, we perform a number of activities – from conducting a detailed lighting audit and selecting the most appropriate LED substitutes, through financing the project, to monitoring the results.

The test period brought only satisfactory results – the comfort of employees increased, and the energy consumption for AluCorns was much lower than for the old lighting. Permanent replacement of halogen bulbs with LEDs resulted in an increase in light intensity by 1.6 times, which now reaches about 360 lux. Thanks to the efficiency of Greenie products at the level of 120 lm / W, the lighting bills were reduced by 70%. On this basis, we have calculated that the investment cost incurred by Emix will pay off in just 16 months.

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Greenie LH60 1.5m 60W hermetic linear LED lamp is made of high-quality polycarbonate and durable plastics, thanks to which it can work even at high humidity. The hermetic lamp from the LH series has an integrated light source in the form of 360 LEDs 2835SMD, which ensure high light efficiency of the entire lamp. The power supply built into the lamp has a very high reactive power factor, Power Factor ≥0.95, which translates into lower electricity costs and reduces the load on the power cables.

The linear LH60 lamp is characterized by a very high efficiency, up to 120lm / w. In addition, the lamp cover is matte, which reduces glare and can be used even in low rooms. Each kit comes with a mounting kit consisting of clamps, screws and plugs for surface installation. The luminaire has electric protection class 2 – it uses reinforced insulation, which provides protection against direct and indirect contact. The lamps do not generate radio interference. In addition, they meet all photobiological standards, so they can be used in hospitals, clinics, clinics or places where food is produced – EN 62471. This version of the luminaire has a power connection only on one side.

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