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Implementation of LED lighting in the Pyroll production plant

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We are proud that we had the opportunity to modernize lighting in such a dynamically operating company as Pyroll Sp. z o.o.. The Finnish company has been successfully producing paper, packaging and stationery for many years. A company with ten factories in Finland, a branch in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, employing a number of professionals, needed a reliable and professional modernization, so that the lighting would improve work, increase the comfort and safety of employees and meet the applicable standards. The production plant is located in Stryków, in the Łódź Province. The work takes place in three warehouses with the size of 2400 m2, 2 x 1800 m2 and one production hall.


The employees of Greenie Polska went to the site to conduct the audit. Accurate measurements and getting acquainted with the condition of the electrical installation allowed for a thorough assessment and allowed for the implementation of projects. For this purpose, Dialux was used, which allowed for the visualization of the future installation. According to the contractor’s needs, the nature of Pyroll’s work and the applicable standards, we selected the appropriate lighting and the number of lamps. During conversations with the client, we professionally and professionally advised, so that the new fittings would bring measurable benefits, not only in use, but also in financial terms.


After the projects had been approved by Pyroll, we proceeded with the order. Bearing in mind the role of light in the production of paper, the reception of its colors, as well as care for the eyesight and safety of production plant employees, we used fluorescent lamps from the Professional series, which provided an intensity of over 300 lux. The most similar to fluorescent both in terms of structure and the way of lighting, LED T8 fluorescent lamps from the Professional series shine almost with their entire surface.

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In the warehouse areas, lighting with an intensity of over 100 lux was sufficient. In this case, we used our flagship product, namely 100W E40 LED Flat Panel Industrial Lamps – 300 LEDs 5630SMD, which successfully replaced 400W bulbs. These lamps have a special system to prevent overheating. The large surface of the panel dissipates heat very well. Thanks to LED 5630 diodes, proper light distribution is obtained. Industrial LED Flat Panel lamp 100W E40 – 300 diodes 5630SMD is the most advantageous replacement for sodium and metal halide lamps in the industry. Its additional advantages are a wide beam angle (120 °) and a MeanWell driver which guarantees an exceptionally long service life.

Substitutes are characterized by very low energy consumption and high efficiency, which generates further financial benefits. The unquestionable advantage of the Industrial LED Flat Panel lamp 100W E40 – 300 LEDs 5630SMD is the possibility of screwing it in place of traditional lamps using the E40 thread. This application resulted not only in the improvement of working conditions, but also in large savings in electricity bills. However, the applicable standards were met with a large margin, due to the fact that we increased the light intensity twice.


According to the recorded calculations, before replacing the lighting with LEDs, the Pyroll company consumed 503 137 kWh of energy per year. This exposed the company to costs of PLN 221,380 (net). Thanks to the modernization of lighting by Greenie Polska, the annual energy consumption is currently 125,482 kWh, and its cost is 55,212 PLN (net). The numbers speak for themselves. Cool calculations show that the investment in LED luminaires will pay off for Pyroll after just 7 months, additionally the Pyroll company saves PLN 455 a day.

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As a result of the fruitful cooperation between Greenie Polska and Pyroll Sp. zoo. The possibilities of the plant and its crew were increased. The aesthetic considerations have also improved, and what is particularly important – ecological and economic. LED luminaires contribute to further savings every day, while enjoying the eye of the Pyroll team.

Greenie Polska is characterized primarily by an individual approach to each investment, we try to select perfectly matching products to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. We assume that the basis of each investment is the selection of appropriate LED replacements to meet all project assumptions.

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Greenie Polska offers a professional audit of the lighting condition and expert advice when choosing LED lamps. Thanks to an individual approach to each client, the company provides the opportunity to provide luminaires for special customer needs.


By delivering the highest quality products, our company also offers professional assembly in compliance with all safety requirements, efficiently implementing the investments entrusted to us. Everything with customer satisfaction and satisfaction resulting from the challenges taken in mind. For the needs of individual valuation of investments in new LED lighting and audit services, please contact us at (22) 842 22 32 or send inquiries to the e-mail address:

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