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Realization of LED street lighting in Mazowieckie and Lubelskie voivodeships in Poland

In the case of street lighting replacement, the goal is always clear – replacing the existing lighting system with more efficient and economical lighting. This time the realization concerned four communes: Trzebieszów, Żelechów, Borowie and Siennica.


Replacement of street lighting involved the replacement of entire luminaires or only bulbs. We chose the products from our LED street lighting segment. In most cases, sodium lamps were replaced. These are lamps that are characterized by low quality light and fairly short durability.


Greenie LED COB Bridgelux MeanWell street luminaires with a power of 30W and 50W were installed in the communes of Trzebieszów and Borowie. Our lamps have replaced the 100W and 150W sodium discharge lamps used so far. Lamps in this series are available in white or black housing. They are made of high quality aluminum resistant to external factors. COB diode mounted under the tempered glass lens ensures perfect light distribution.

The Żelechów commune used only the Greenie LED AluCorn series bulbs to illuminate their Kościuszko street, specifically the 33W model, in place of 100W sodium sources. AluCorn bulbs were installed in the existing sodium bulb sockets. In this case, energy consumption decreased three times – the power of 33W replaced 100W, and the lack of the need to use ballast made it possible to save a few more Watts per luminaire.
The Siennica commune also used the Greenie LED AluCorn series bulbs with a power of 33W and 44W, in place of the previously used sodium lamps with a power of 70W. This model of light bulbs can also be used in industrial lighting. Small size and omnidirectional way of lighting enable installation in various types of fittings.

The main difference was the change in light quality. The almost orange color was replaced by more natural white light. Products were used in two color temperatures – neutral (4000-4500) and cold (5500-6500). The following is a comparison of the quality of the light emitted by the old type of sodium light bulb (orange light) with the light bulb from the Greenie LED.

Another benefit is the long work life of Greenie LEDs. The duration of the soda source is approximately 4-5 years – if we take 10h per day we will achieve a lifetime of 19 thousand hours of light. Standard life of LED replacers is 40-50 thousand hours.

The most famous benefit of replacement is, of course, economy. This is an important feature, especially for local government units. The numbers presented above mean that LED sources allow (depending on the case) to generate 30-40% lower costs due to energy consumed. Thanks to this, investments in all the above-mentioned communes are de facto self-financing. The arguments presented above make more and more local government units in Poland decide to install LED lighting. In addition, the possibility of obtaining funds, for example, from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management or from EU structural funds, makes this good change possible in every commune, district or city.

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Our company runs a program financing the purchase of LED lighting – also street lighting. If you are interested, the details can be found on the page below or directly by e-mail and telephone contact with our company.

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