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Realization of LED lighting in 3 Auchan hypermarkets

Realization Map

Auchan stores are a popular chain of supermarkets where thousands of people shop every day. During rush hours and in the evening, market parking lots are often overcrowded, therefore both the underground space and outdoor parking lots need good lighting, in which customers will be able to move their car without fear, even in crowded conditions, enjoying good visibility regardless of the weather conditions.

Purpose of the Project

The aim of the project was to illuminate the outdoor car park in front of the large-format Auchan Poczesna and Auchan store in Gdańsk and the access roads. In turn, for the Auchan store in Katowice, our company also took care of lighting the underground car park.

To illuminate the outdoor spaces in all stores, LED street lamps from the Modular series (for lighting access roads) and Highbay Bracket industrial lamps for lighting parking lots were used. Linear lamps were used in the underground car park in Katowice

Object dimensions

210 m x 215 m

180 m x 190 m

190 m x 170 m

Benefits for the customer

  • better quality of light
  • failure rate decrease
  • lower electricity consumption and as a result lower electricity bills
  • increase in savings up to 70%
  • quick return on investment
  • increasing the attractiveness of the external space of the store
  • better visibility and greater comfort of customers of the Auchan chain of stores
  • Realizacja hotel Western old town-Dialux
  • Realizacja hotel western old town-Autocad


We started the project with a local vision. We first had to see each area with our own eyes to get to know their characteristics and to pre-plan the arrangement of lamps and the need for lighting.

Taking into account the nature of the spaces we examined and the client’s needs, we tried to select lamps in terms of ensuring safety at night, good visibility of the space not only for clients, but also for the cameras around the store.

Photometric projects: We have prepared separate photometric files for each area. Visualizations made by specialists in Dialux and Relux allow for precise planning and arrangement of lighting, including the characteristics of luminaires and parameters such as luminous intensity, radiation flux, luminous flux intensity.

  • DSC_6398_2048
  • DSC_6395_2048

Choice of luminaires

After detailed research and preparation of designs, the luminaires were selected. We tried to make their type and parameters fully meet the needs of customers. All luminaires have been professionally tested by us to confirm their quality and functionality and to recognize their compliance with all important standards.

Greenie Modular LED street lamp

  • 9,600 lumens#natural color 4000-4500K#power consumption 80W#high luminous efficiency 120lm/W#423 x 258 x 100#lighting angle 80° x 155°#5-year warranty
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Greenie Modular LED street lamp

The luminaire with a power of only 80W provides a luminous flux of up to 9600 lumens. The beam angle of 80 ° x 155 ° is suitable for lighting longitudinal streets, which can be seen in the visualization below. In order for outdoor lamps to serve for years, they must have a durable and sealed housing. Modular is a street lamp with high durability IK09 and resistance to weather conditions (rain and dust) IP65.


After the lamps were selected, their arrangement was planned. The lamps had to be installed evenly, taking into account the fact that there were vehicles moving around the parking lot, so the lamps could not hurt drivers while driving. When planning the installation of lamps, we took into account the maximum optimization of the costs of replacing old lighting. Therefore, we abandoned the need to replace the poles and installed new fittings for old poles. This solution allowed to save the costs of purchasing new assembly elements.

  • DSC_6351_2048
  • DSC_6340_2048

Lighting of access roads

In order to precisely plan the lighting, photometric files were prepared using the parameters of the selected luminaires. The visualizations allowed to state that the Modular LED street lamp will work well in lighting access roads to all stores.


Modular street lamps are an excellent replacement for energy-consuming and currently the most popular sodium, mercury and metal halide lamps. The lamps use efficient Philips LEDs, which, combined with a resistant and durable housing, currently create the most perfect and the most cost-effective street lighting.

In both cases, industrial lamps from the Highbay Bracket series were used in outdoor parking lots. At the car park in Katowice 130W, in Gdańsk 180W, and in Auchan Poczesna with a higher power of 200W. The lamps in this series are highly resistant to weather conditions, so the lamps will not be damaged during work at height, during transport or during cleaning.

Highbay uses energy-saving 3030SMD LEDs by Philips with an efficiency of 180lm / W, characterized by high quality and low energy consumption while offering high light brightness.

In the parking lot in Auchan Częstochowa, Highbay lamps were placed adequately to the needs of irregular terrain. Highbay lamps were used to illuminate entire parking lots and all strategic points in their area, such as shelters with shopping carts.

  • DSC_6413_2048
  • DSC_6328_2048

Highbays with a frame are an example of a product that was built from scratch. As a manufacturer of LED lighting, we are able to adapt light sources to the individual needs of each client. The lamps used in the project were produced specifically for the project, so that they could be mounted on street poles.

Application of Highbay

Highbays are industrial lamps distinguished by an unusual design that allows them to be installed in even low rooms. Due to their industrial use, Highbaye is characterized by exceptional impact resistance and tightness that protects the housing against dust and moisture, which often occur in halls and warehouses. Their industrial features turned out to be beneficial also in the situation of lighting outside car parks.

Greenie LED HighBay Flat UFO industrial lamp

  • power consumption 130W/180W/200W#natural color 4000-4500K#19 500/27 000/30 000 lumens#high light efficiency up to 150lm/W#Ø345x345x210#resistance IK08#5-year warranty
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Greenie LED HighBay Flat UFO industrial lamp


The design of the arrangement of luminaires in the underground car park in Katowice assumed good lighting of both parking spaces and communication paths, in particular pedestrian lanes. There is a lot going on in underground car parks, and the construction based on many poles covering the visibility makes it sometimes difficult to see a child running out from behind them.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the lighting of the shaded angles. It was decided to choose Greenie Slim hermetic linear luminaires.

  • DSC_6301_2048
  • DSC_6277_2048

It is the best choice of luminaires due to their functionality. Vehicles of various heights move in the parking lots, which could interfere with poorly selected lamps. The linear luminaires hug the ceiling imperceptibly and emit high-quality, flicker-free illumination with a brightness of 4,725 lumens.

Slim luminaires with a high IP65 tightness illuminate well roofed parking lots with dust and fumes in the air.

Linear LED hermetic lamp slim 1.2m 45 W IP65

  • work in high humidity#Power Factor ≥ 0,92 (mniejszy pobór)#perfect for low rooms#360 LEDs#beam angle 120 degrees
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Linear LED hermetic lamp slim 1.2m 45 W IP65

High tightness prevents dirt from getting inside the luminaire, so that the light is not muffled by it.

The neutral color temperature of 4000-4500K stimulates the mind, increasing the concentration of customers while parking, and the natural color of the light makes the space seem modern.


Slim linear hermetic luminaires are elongated fluorescent lamps of various lengths. Linear luminaires are commonly used due to their construction allowing for even illumination of even hard-to-reach places. LED luminaires are used to illuminate display cases, kitchen counters, passageways or office space.

Each time we modernize lighting to LED fixtures, customer savings increase significantly. Lighting in LED technology consumes much less power, offering a stream of greater brightness than standard luminaires. The Auchan chain of stores also experienced the cost benefits of replacing lighting first-hand.

Power consumption Auchan Częstochowa

Auchan Katowice power consumption

When counting the power consumed by old luminaires in Auchan Katowice, both in the outdoor and underground parking lot, it turns out that the luminaires consumed as much as 66,665kWh, after replacing the lighting, consumption and costs decreased by 50%.

Power consumption Auchan Gdańsk

The old lighting in front of the Auchan Gdańsk supermarket consumed 114,900W. The new LED lighting has resulted in a cost reduction of 68%, reaching a consumption of 37 140W.


  • 70% lower power consumption
  • savings of over PLN 20,000 / month per facility
  • 24-month return on investment


LED lamps offer high brightness while using a small amount of power compared to sodium, mercury or popular metal halide luminaires. Therefore, modernization of LED lighting is a very good investment, which becomes noticeable with the first electricity bill.

Thanks to the luminaires with high-quality light without flickering and with high brightness, customers can enjoy good visibility in underground and outdoor parking lots, and the store gains new savings without overpaying

Increasing security
  • surge resistance
  • resistance to humidity
  • protection against the so-called glare effect in lower rooms
  • increasing service life and reducing constant replacements

Lighting is our passion, which we try to use when looking for the perfect solution for customers. We are happy to carry out audits to evaluate the benefits for the client. If you need an individual valuation of investments in lighting modernization, please contact us at (22) 842 22 32. Questions can also be sent to the e-mail address:

We also offer participation in a financing program in the ESCO formula, which is beneficial for entrepreneurs. You will receive support in this area by phone: 22 842 22 32, +48 882 515 813, or by e-mail:

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See more photos from the modernization of LED lighting in 3 Auchan facilities.

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