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3-phase Track Lights Accessories

Rails and connectors are necessary elements of the lighting system. The standard length of a single segment is around 1m. If you need longer segments, then is necessary to use connectors. Depending on the design, the connectors can be straight, angled (90 °), triple (T-shaped) and with adjustable angle. 3 – phase rails contain a power connector, caps and mounting system that allows surface installation (on the wall or ceiling).

  • Guarantee
  • 230V
  • -10° ~ 40°
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Technical data:

  • Material : aluminum
  • Color : white, black or silver

Technical data

  Item code Dimensions [mm] Weight
3-phase rail to rail 1m silver reflectors RS3SS 1000 x 40 x 20 0,87kg
3-phase rail to rail headlights 1m black RS3SC 1000 x 40 x 20 0,87kg
3-phase rail to rail 1m white headlights RS3SB 1000 x 40 x 20 0,87kg
Rail mounting kit for 3-phase silver RS3MS 70g
Rail mounting kit for 3-phase black RS3MC 70g
Mounting kit for 3-phase rail white RS3MB 70g
Connector for 3-phase rail silver RS3KS 0,13kg
Connector 3-phase black adjustable angle - soft RS3KCL-RS 226 x 32 x 33 0,13kg
Connector for 3-phase rail Type L with adjustable angle - black RS3KCL-R 226 x 32 x 33 0,13kg
Connector for 3-phase rail Type L - black RS3KCL 99 x 99 x 33 98g
Connector for 3-phase rail black RS3KC 0,13kg
Connector 3-phase white adjustable angle - soft RS3KBL-RS 226 x 32 x 33 0,13kg
Connector for 3-phase rail Type L with adjustable angle - white RS3KBL-R 226 x 32 x 33 0,13kg
Connector for 3-phase rail Type L - white RS3KBL 99 x 99 x 33 98g
Connector for 3-phase rail white RS3KB 0,13kg

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