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Flashlights LED Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt LED flashlights are practical lighting that is always worth having at hand. Blaupunkt offers a wide range of both battery and rechargeable flashlights. They all have a stable metal casing with a convenient gel button. Flashlights are characterized by a small size with high power and brightness. The IPX4 tightness indicator allows the flashlight to be used also near water.

  • Gwarancja
  • IPX4
  • Bateryjne
  • Akumulator
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Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Dimensions [mm] Weight
Blaupunkt LED Patrol torch 1000lm IPX4 natural color [LR-1000-NW] LR-1000-R 4000 1000 100 15 cm x 4,3 cm 229g
Blaupunkt LED Pen flashlight 2xAAA IPX4, cold color [LAAA-200] LAAA-200 14,9 cm x 1,5 cm
Blaupunkt LED flashlight Blitz 3xAAA IPX4 cold color [LAAA-800] LAAA-800 6 10,8 cm x 4,1 cm 229g

Proven application of these products

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