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Greenie LED bulb – Filament series

Greenie LED Filament bulb is a new look at LED lighting. It looks and shines like a classic incandescent bulb, but contains specially constructed LED fibers, thanks to which it consumes much less energy. The advantage of this solution is the lack of visible individual LEDs, which makes the bulb look exceptionally good. Filaments are lighting most often used in modern, industrial interiors as single light sources suspended from the ceiling using a special system of colored cables. They can also be used in classic chandeliers, coffers, lamps of all kinds. They are perfect for places where you want to get warm, pleasant light.

  • Guarantee
  • E14
  • E27
  • 230V
  • 360°
  • > 80
  • -20° ~ 40°
  • Sanan
  • IP20
  • ≥ 0,5
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Technical data:

  • Shape and dimension: identical to classic A60, C35, ST64, G95 bulbs

Optical data:

  • Shutter: transparent or Amber Glass
  • Color temperature: much warmer than other LED bulbs

Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Equivalent Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Number of LEDs Dimensions [mm] Weight
Retro LED bulb Edison A60 Amber Glass 4W E27 WW FL7B04WW 2400-2600 4 30 320 80 6 Ø60 x 106 34g

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