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Street luminaire Greenie LED Bridgelux

Street luminaires are based on COB Bridgelux diodes and have a driver manufactured by a leading global brand MeanWell. Luminaires are made of powder coated steel of white or black color. The characteristic lens of Led diode ensures proper, wide street light distribution. Lamps are perfect for lighting streets, parking lots, parks and squares. Modern design allows the lamp to be used also in houses courtyards.

  • Guarantee
  • 220 - 240V
  • 80°x 120°
  • > 83
  • -10° ~ 40°
  • Philips
  • IP65
  • ≥ 0,9
  • 09
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Technical data:

  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Color: white or black

Electrical data:

  • Unusual voltage: yes, on request
  • Dimming: yes, on request

Optical data:

Additional data:

Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Equivalent Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Number of LEDs Dimensions [mm] Weight
Bridgelux LED street luminaire 20W IP65 MEANWELL Driver black aluminium casing CW
Bridgelux LED street luminaire 20W IP65 MEANWELL driver aluminium white casing CW
5500-6500 20 100 2600 130 1 460 x 190 x 90 3,6kg
Bridgelux LED street luminaire 30W IP65 MEANWELL Driver black aluminium casing CW
Bridgelux LED street luminaire 30W IP65 MEANWELL driver aluminium white casing CW
5500-6500 30 150 3900 130 1 460 x 190 x 90 3,6kg
Bridgelux LED street luminaire 50W IP65 MEANWELL Driver black aluminium casing CW
Bridgelux LED street luminaire 50W IP65 MEANWELL driver aluminium white casing CW
5500-6500 50 200 6500 130 1 460 x 190 x 90 3,6kg

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UOB30NWThe measurement is made for a natural color

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