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Financing the purchase of LED lighting

Free replacement of lighting is not a fiction – it is a real and very simple solution that you can implement with the help of our company.

ESCO abbreviation comes from English language and means Energy Saving Company or Energy Service Company, which is the company that saves energy

The whole process is called ” ESCO funding” and is organized in a way, that fund purchases the lighting, and the investor (i.e. a company or commune) pays for the purchase by using savings that are generated due to lower electricity consumption. The program is designed in such a way that allows investor to not bear any risk or costs. Moreover, from the first day of use, the LED lighting made by Greenie, generates significant savings up to 80%. The repayment period generally takes up to 2 years, while the warranty on Greenie LED products is 3-5 years, so the whole process is completed during the warranty period.

The offer is addressed to the local commune or city authorities, housing communities, and owners or managers of companies with plenty of lighting (warehouses, production facilities, office buildings, parking lots, chain stores, shopping centers, sports facilities etc.). Financing is possible in case of investments starting from 40 000 PLN – there is no upper limit.


How does Greenie financing works?

1. The first steep is notification of desire to participate in the financing program. This can be done by e-mail: or by phone: 882515813, 22 842 22 32.

2. The next step is to provide an inventory list of currently used lighting (type, number, power). There is also the possibility of performing an audit by the employees of our company.

3. On the basis of list of lighting, site visits and measurements, Greenie Poland chooses the best LED technology replacements. Then we make the photometric projects in Dialux software and projection of the replacement costs and savings that will be generated.

4. We present the results to the investor and to the fund.

5. We sign a three-party agreement between our company, the investor and the fund. The Fund is obliged to finance the project, Greenie Poland is obliged to supply lamps meet the warranty conditions, and the investor is obliged pay off debt to fund from part of the savings generated on the replacement of the lighting. The agreement defines the terms of replacements, savings and payback period to the Fund.

6. Greenie Poland supplies and replaces the LED lighting. The fund finances the delivery and replacements.

7. For a limited time, the investor transfers the majority of the generated savings in order to repay the costs incurred by the fund.

8. After the period of repayment the investor can fully enjoy the savings generated on the new LED lighting system and becomes the sole owner of the lighting.

Benefits for investor – commune or company:

financial benefits – electricity bills are reduced by about 80%
improvement of a road safety and improvement of working conditions in the halls and warehouses, resulting from the application of lighting ensuring a better flow of light
completely free replacement of lighting for the latest LED lamps with an estimated life span of even 10-15 years
minimization of the cost of maintenance of lighting, thanks to the lack of replacements and repairs

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