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Warranty for Greenie LED products

Warranty up to 5 years – admittedly not light years – but we’re working on it.

Greenie products are created according to our original projects in carefully selected, modern factories, always using the best available components (diodes, power supplies) of renowned global brands. We put a lot of commitment and knowledge in the process of their manufacturing, so we are confident of their operation, which in turn allows us to offer even a 5 year warranty.

The warranty provided by Greenie Poland is a full guarantee on whole products and all of its elements.

Tomasz Zwierzchowski

We provide warranty based on tests and quality measurements, which are independently conducted and outsourced for our needs. We offer only proven LED light sources, for which we provide at least 2 year (consumer products such as. LED strips) to 5 years warranty (professional office, industrial and street lighting). In case of individual products created for the specific project warranty period may even be extended.

1. Independent tests and measurements
Products sold by our company are thoroughly tested before being introduced to the offer. As one of the few Polish manufacturers and distributors of LED lighting and infrared heating, we make tests also outside of the factory in certified independent research centers – e.g. The German TUV. All this in order to confirm the quality of our products.

2. Quality warranty
Due to the fact that our products are thoroughly tested before their introduction in the offer – provided technical parameters are actual values. This differentiates Greenie Poland from competing companies, which often provide false, inflated light parameters. For confirmation of our performance, our products have evidences of conducted tests and certificates CE, RoHS and TUV.

3. Extended, custom warranty – up to 10 years.
On special request, our engineers are able to design products of specially adjusted components, which allow us to offer a significantly longer warranty.

The warranty provided by Greenie Poland is a full guarantee covering whole products. We do not use the limitations as to the time of illumination.

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