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The pillars of Greenie brand


The first pillar, which the Greenie brand is based on.
Wisdom, knowledge, experience, consciousness.
We use the latest technological advances in order to live in a more comfortable, cheaper, more effective and better world.
We use extensive business and technical experience for the good of us all.

„Bright Energy” means energy lightened with experience, knowledge and values of their usage. We are committed to provide everyone same access to “Bright Energy” as we have.

Bright Energy means energy lightened by experience


The second pillar on which the Greenie brand is based on.
Ecology is pure profit. We prove it by hard, existing financial evidence. We calculate in detail savings from investments made with the help of Greenie LED products. Besides quantified financial benefits, the use of Greenie LED products provides low energy consumption and thus also preserve our environment – for all of us here now and for our children. Together with our consumers and our friends we experience wise choices about important consequences. For the environment, for the future, for mankind.
We are living, existing, measurable proof of the correctness of the triad: Invest. Use. Benefit.


We are engineers and managers. We believe in progress, technology, physics and mathematics. We believe that the technical development makes the world a better place, and life easier. We want to be part of this development. We want to make better world. We see savings, safety, better well-being and better education in good current and good lighting. We see, that by making good, aware choices, we can all move into good direction and benefit from this.


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