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DIALux is a program often used in our company. It enables us to create the ideal lighting system

Marek Samborski

Our company offers comprehensive advice on the selection of LED lighting or the use of infrared heating. We are able to choose lighting for any room, regardless of its destiny – industrial, storage, office or residential. In order to enable accurate planning of the lighting system we use DIALUX software. As part of the advisory services, we offer:

✓ Performing photometric projects in the Dialux or Relux softwares , that allow adjustment of the light sources to current expectations and needs, and are based on current lighting standards. Such a design provides a light at the appropriate level. Each project contains graphic visualizations, the examples are presented below.

The lighting project Greenie LED in pharmacy


✓ Performing energy audits and financial calculations, which show real savings
, that can be achieved for the current electricity consumption, after replacement of LED lighting. Carrying out such an audit enables to indicate the most optimal alternatives, which will guarantee the quickest return on investment. Usually, in case of our investments such period is 9 – 15 months.

Example calculation Greenie

✓ In case of the public street lighting we check the standards for the class of the road
. For roads with high and medium traffic, the criteria are developed based on the luminance level of the roadway, i.e. the ME classes. Collision areas, parking zones and roundabout junctions are specified using the illumination level and are corresponded by the relevant CE classes. For zones in which the permitted speed is low, i.e. residential roads, parking lots, pedestrian zones, adopted criteria are described by S-class. These are the basic 3 lighting classes. The other classes are an extension of the existing classes, for example, class ES is applied to roads of S-class, where face recognition is required, or in monitored places, and places where there is a high risk of committing a crime.

✓ in terms of infrared heating we provide selection of an appropriate solution that best suits a particular place. We offer full consulting, along with the calculation of the estimated energy costs after installing infrared heating. We are able to organize the assembly, which is done through a trained electrician.


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