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Who are we? LED lighting manufacturer

Greenie Poland company was founded in February 2012 by engineers with experience in banking and finances. Since the beginning, the company’s offer contained an unique industrial and street lighting – Greenie LED AluCorn, which due to its performance and reliability has been appreciated by our clients and has provided our company rapid development.

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Greenie Polska

Currently our offer includes any type of LED lighting – from the street, through industrial, office and commercial, and ending up with home lighting solutions. Experience of the founders of the company in the financial field allow us to pay special attention to the advantages of energy savings, connected with an installation of our LED lighting. It also allows us to actively support our customers in the process of implementation of a free upgrade to LED lighting. Adaptation of products and offer to individual customer needs allows us to enjoy the continuous growth of our company and expansion into foreign markets.

Thanks to the replacement of lighting with LED our customers have already used 89 GWh less energy, which makes total savings of PLN 46.300.000,00

as of 2016-06-25

Our company warehouse currently contains tens of thousands of pieces of various types of lighting products. Efficient logistics and storage facilities realize dozens of orders daily, which reach our customers both in Poland and abroad. People from R & D department continuously work in order to improve our products. Trade and Technical Department will provide phone or email advice – we always try to specifically respond to the needs of our customers. Currently, we are building a national network of Greenie products distributors and we are also searching foreign distributors.


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