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Implementation of LED lighting in E.Leclerc supermarkets

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E.Leclerc stores have been operating on the Polish market for over 20 years. The beginnings were extremely interesting. The founder of the network, Michel Édouard Leclerc, chose dozens of interns to take them to France for 2 years. There they had the opportunity to gain knowledge and expand their qualifications. The dynamic development of the brand resulted in the opening of the first E. Leclerc in Poland – in Warsaw’s Ursynów. Today E.Leclerc is a chain of 49 stores in 15 provinces. Not everyone knows that apart from supermarkets, it also has petrol stations that allow customers to refuel at competitive prices. Every day it is visited by a huge number of people to make groceries and more in comfortable conditions.

Knowing the history and position of the E.Leclerc brand, we were motivated to meet our client’s expectations as much as possible. This time, Greenie employees went to Oleśnica to audit a popular brand supermarket located there.


A supermarket with a very high sales hall requires proper lighting. Our employees made the necessary measurements to complete the project in the Dialux system. In the case of this type of activity, lighting is needed to highlight the products on the shelves and to facilitate the work of the store staff. The implementation of reliable visualizations made it possible to precisely plan the future implementation – so that customers gain the comfort of shopping, employees get better conditions to perform their duties, and the owners lower electricity bills. An important aspect was to meet the applicable lighting standards. In the case of this type of store, they are 300 lx for the sales room and 500 lx within the cash registers. At the contractor’s request, we obtained a lighting effect of 1000-1200 lux. Higher parameters have a significant impact on improving sales results.


Our contractors decided to replace the ESCO lighting at no cost. Thanks to this, they can enjoy modern LED luminaires and cover their costs in installments based on the savings generated. This solution is extremely convenient. It does not require high modernization costs. Accurately calculated savings on electricity bills form the basis for the calculation of monthly installments. In the case of E.Leclerc, which decided to pay off with 80% of the savings generated, the payback took 12 months.

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627 T8G24NW fluorescent lamps were used to illuminate the E.Leclerc store in Oleśnica. The diode cover is made of glass coated with a plastic that protects against breakage. Importantly, these fluorescent lamps meet all kinds of photobiological standards, which allows them to be used in places where food is produced.

Additionally, they have TUV, RoHS and CE certificates. LED fluorescent lamps are the perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps, which are characterized by a long start, squint and failure rate. In the case of LEDs, you can forget about the starter and electromagnetic ballast – they are completely unnecessary. Low heat emission allows the LEDs to achieve a lifetime of 50,000 hours. This is a favorable factor not only for economic but also ecological reasons. What else contributes to caring for the environment? No harmful substances such as mercury – LED lamps are 100% biodegradable.

Elegance and Style

The modernization of lighting in the E.Leclerc store is associated with dizzying savings. Before replacing them with modern LED lamps, the annual electricity consumption was 259,290 kWh, which resulted in expenses of PLN 108,902 net. These values ​​change enormously when exchanged. The electricity consumption during the year is 93 298 kWh, and the bills amount is PLN 39 185 net. This means as much as 165,992 kWh of saved electricity. Having LED lighting not only saves on electricity bills, but also minimizes the cost of replacement and operation. In the case of E.Leclerc supermarket, the above benefits result in savings of PLN 92,104.02 gross annually. The use of old-style lighting fixtures was associated with expenses of PLN 748,813.20 over 10 years. LED lamps require only PLN 391,849.92 to cover the same period. This means you save almost twice!

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The implementation in the E.Leclerc store is another showcase for Greenie. We took care of our client’s satisfaction from the first to the last day of cooperation. We took into account the preferences of the owners, the convenience of customers and staff, as well as measurable financial benefits of the contractor. The compliance with the applicable legal standards was obvious to us and took place without any complications.

Using the knowledge gained over the years and using the power of our qualifications, we provided our client with professional service and the possibility of cost-free modernization of lighting. The calculations show that the E.Leclerc store in Oleśnica will achieve savings of PLN 690,502.20 net over 10 years. In turn, the natural environment has gained another ally.

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