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Blaupunkt StrongBeam LED floodlights

Blaupunkt LED floodlights are high-quality industrial lighting that works well in harsh conditions. This is mainly helped by the waterproof parameters of the IP65 standard and numerous safety certificates. The floodlight offers a beam of light with a wide beam angle of 120 degrees and a brightness of 4000 lumens with a luminous efficiency of 80lm / W. The Blaupunkt floodlight guarantees a LED lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

Additionally, the Blaupunkt 30W floodlight can be controlled with a remote control. It can be used to control the sensitivity in the values ​​100% – 75% – 50% – 25%. It is also possible to set the time of lighting the floodlight from a few seconds, for several dozen minutes, up to 24 hours. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, the remote control has a number of modes, which include:

  • daily mode
  • night mode
  • SOS mode
  • always on mode
  • flash mode
  • Gwarancja
  • 120°
  • IP65
  • >0.9
  • >80
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Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Dimensions [mm]
Blaupunkt LED floodlight Strongbeam 20W IP65, natural color [NLS20NW] NLS20NW 4000 20 1600 80 11,1 cm x 11,1 cm x 4,4 cm
 Blaupunkt LED floodlight Strongbeam 30W IP65 with PIR motion and dusk sensor, natural color [NLS30NW] NLS30NW 4000 30 2400 80 14,2 cm x 14,2 cm x 4,9 cm
Blaupunkt LED floodlight Strongbeam 50W IP65, natural color [NLS50NW] NLS50NW 4000 50 4000 80 17 cm x 17 cm x 5,3 cm

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