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Blaupunkt Strasse LED street lamps

The Blaupunkt Strasse LED street lamp achieves a luminous efficiency unattainable for other products – even 150lm / W. This factor allows not only to save energy, but also to take care of our natural environment. There is only little heat emission, so the LEDs have a lifetime of 50,000 hours.

  • Gwarancja
  • 155x80°
  • IP65
  • 08
  • >0,9
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Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Dimensions [mm]
Blaupunkt Street Lamp LED Strasse 32W 150lm / W, natural [LU32NW] LU32NW 4000K 32.00 4800.00 150.00 23 cm x 48,3 cm
Blaupunkt Street Lamp LED Strasse 48W 150lm / W, natural [LU48NW] LU48NW 4000K 48.00 7200.00 150.00 23 cm x 48,3 cm
Blaupunkt Street Lamp LED Strasse 78W 150lm / W, natural [LU78NW] LU78NW 4000K 78.00 11700.00 150.00 23 cm x 54,8 cm
Blaupunkt Street Lamp LED Strasse 98W 150lm / W, natural [LU98NW] LU98NW 4000K 98.00 14700.00 150.00 23 cm x 54,8 cm
Blaupunkt Street Lamp LED Strasse 148W 150lm / W, natural [LU150NW] LU148NW 4000K 150.00 22500.00 150.00 25,7 cm x 59,8 cm

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