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Blaupunkt LED street lamps

The Blaupunkt LED Strasse street lamp is a high-quality outdoor lighting with an unprecedented light efficiency of 150 lm / W. Also noteworthy is the 0.9 power factor, as well as the typical street wide beam angle of 155 ° x 80 °. The Strasse street lamp is available in 5 power versions. The 32W model is a lamp from the Strasse series that consumes the lowest amount of energy.

Blaupunkt LED street lamps

Durable housing

IK08 is one of the highest mechanical resistance that can be found in street lamps. It proves the extraordinary resistance to impact with energy up to 5J. The lampshade of the luminaire is made of tempered glass, which in contact with hard elements will not scratch too much, while maintaining a high level of light transmission.

Wide viewing angle

The Blaupunkt LED Strasse street lamp has a typical street beam angle of 155 ° x 80 °, thanks to which the lamp illuminates a large part of the street and sidewalk, allowing for a greater density of lamps.

Practical housing
The LED Strasse lamp is a two-chamber lamp, which makes the service of the lamp much easier. The two chambers also contribute to the higher water resistance. In addition, the Blaupunkt street lamp has a mounting for horizontal and vertical handles, a wide inclination in the range of 0-90 °, and convenient, tool-free opening.

German quality of Blaupunkt products
The LED Strasse street lamp is characterized by the German quality of workmanship, so there is no need to worry about its quick damage or defects. In order to satisfy customers’ concerns, the manufacturer gives the lamp a 5-year warranty.

Blaupunkt – a reliable manufacturer
Established in 1924, the brand initially dealt with the production of headphones and radios. Blaupunkt is a company with a rich tradition. It has earned its position today with many technical inventions that made the brand famous, such as the audio system used in today’s cars. The brand is not limited to one field, creating equipment for the needs of various industries, including innovative LED bulbs and luminaires with an unprecedented lifetime of 50,000 h.

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