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Greenie LED Solar sets

Greenie LED Solar sets are a modern and innovative lighting solution ideal for places where there is no possibility of installing power cables. Lamps operate fully autonomously, and implemented motion detectors allow to efficiently use stored energy when there is such a needed. Rechargeable lithium-iron-phosphate battery provides several hours of operation at full power of the lamp. The solar panel can be set at any angle.

  • Guarantee
  • 120°
  • > 75
  • -20° ~ 60°
  • IP65
  • ≥ 0,95
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Technical data:

  • Installation height: from 3m to 8m, which allows to obtain the maximum range of the sensor - range up to 10 meters
  • Installation hole diameter: 70mm

Electrical data:

  • Battery: Lithium-iron-phosphate 212Wh (in case of a LS20 lamp) and a 96Wh (in case of a LS12 lamp)
  • Battery charging time: 4 - 6h

Optical data:

Additional data:

  • Components: remote, in case of a LS12 lamp

Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Equivalent Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Number of LEDs Dimensions [mm] Weight
LED Solar Kit 12W - LED light panel, battery and remote CW LS12CW 5500-6500 12 30 1500 125 12 440 x 440 x 610 10kg
LED Solar Kit 20W - LED light panel and battery CW LS20CW 5500-6500 20 50 2500 125 40 890 x 650 x 610 14,5kg

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