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Outdoor LED Lighting

Here you can find outdoor LED lighting, that can decorate almost every garden, square or park. Thanks to our amazing products, you can not only light a specific area, but also reduce energy and bills and consumption. Our LED lighting will make you feel better and increase safety, as well as encourage everybody to spend more time outside. Our products can be best use to illuminate buildings and add them new, interesting character. We provide 2 to 5 years warranty for each product and also guarantee the smile on your face.


In our offer we also have lights and solar sets that do not require an external power supply. These revolutionary lighting will provide to be useful in gardens or parks, significantly reducing installation costs. Less wires means less problems and a shorter installation time. Solar products are of IP65 waterproof class, which allows them to work regardless of rain, snow or hail which have not the slightest effect on the condition and operation of the lighting. Beam angle of lighting is 120 °. In addition, we sell models with motion and dusk sensors.

We highly recommend the Greenie LED floodlights, which are divided into a Professional Economy, RGB, PIR and SMD series.

Professional Series are a professional floodlights produced from the highest quality components. Floodlights in this series have a very large beam angle and reactive power factor ratio of more than 0.9. By using the best quality components, the housing is resistant to external factors and ensure proper heat dissipation and IP65 waterproofness.

Economy series are floodlights, which are perfect as lighting of banners, ads or buildings. Similar to the Professional series, these floodlights have a IP65 class of water resistance and excellent heat dissipation.

Greenie LED RGB floodlights are ideal for illumination of buildings. These light sources shine with multicolor and are controlled by remote control. Motion and dusk detectors in PIR version can be programmed so that everyone will be able to customize them to their needs. Both kinds of floodlights are made of high quality materials and same as the above-mentioned products they have waterproof class of IP65.

The last series of floodlights – Greenie SMD LED floodlight is a light source, which have remarkable modern housing. This is the version containing SMD diodes, so you do not need a large heatsink. Its appearance will adorn many spaces providing a superb lighting.

We also have light bulbs to replace old outdoor lighting. Greenie LED bulb are a very effective replacement for traditional mercury lamps, metal halide or sodium. Replacing old street lamps on our LED can not only beautify the area, but also increase the well-being felt on the outside and reduce electricity bills by up to 50%. Such an investment will pay for itself rapidly.

Outdoor LED Lighting

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