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We are a distributor of original, energy-saving brand products with a diverse and sophisticated character. We carefully select the companies whose lamps we sell, so that in our store there are only trustworthy and stylish articles at the same time.

Lighting from Polish producers

The Polish, dynamically developing Nowodvorski brand presents its latest collections every year at the International Euroluce Fair in Milan, as well as at the Light Building Fair in Frankfurt. We proudly offer their chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and LED lamps – both modern and classic. Nowodvorski has hand-patinated old gold products from the Twist family, as well as Attica, Korynt and Piraeus, ideal for banquet halls.

In our store …

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Our store also has LED lighting from a respected manufacturer – Aqform at the forefront with modern Dark Points, Equilibra and Modern Glass luminaires. The brand constantly cooperates with architects and specialists in the lighting industry.

We have not forgotten about the native Zumaline, which delights with elegance and style, as evidenced by Vista, Isla and Elia wall lamps. We have a large selection of lamps for the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

We were especially taken by glass lamps by 4 concepts, but no wonder since they captivated the Spanish royal family themselves. Love for glass emanates from the lighting of this manufacturer, leaving users in deep admiration. Our store’s offer includes both extremely delicate lamps such as Valencia and Torino and more expressive models such as Troya, Kenya or Tanzania.

Imitated by other companies, Skoff convinced us with ecological, modern LED lamps used as furniture, floor and hanging fittings. The lighting of the stairs looks very aesthetically with products from the Music Line series. Rueda and Tango decorate the walls beautifully, giving the rooms a unique character.

Lamps of renowned foreign brands

The German Maytoni offers equally elegant lighting, offering unusual ceiling lamps such as Swirl, Monic Pendant, or Megapolis chandelier.

The Danish brand Vita Copenhagen is constantly intrigued by using goose feathers to make its lampshades from the Eos series. Maintaining Scandinavian simplicity is shown by ceiling lamps Asteria, Cuna Vita and wooden Chimes.

The pride of Belgian Delta Light is also present in our shop with the impressive Reo series LED headlights. Butler outdoor lamps emitting a relaxing and blissful light are also eye-catching.

High-quality LED flashlights

We also care about your safety and comfort outside the home, offering high-class LED flashlights from the renowned Ledlenser brand, which for years have been a complement to exciting expeditions, bike rides, evening runs, fascinating diving and invaluable help during various works. In addition to the reliable Ledlenser, our offer also includes renowned brands such as Olight and Fenix ​​with the sensational Nova Neutral and HL60R headlamps. Maglite led flashlights used by American services are available to every customer of our store. We have iconic camouflage models such as LED Camo in the standard version, Pixel and ML300LX with a long lighting range. The offer could not miss the real beasts from Nitecore. The TM26 and TM28 are a completely different level of portable lighting equipped with a modern OLED display, thanks to which buyers are constantly up-to-date with the work of their flashlight.

Ecological and stylish lighting

Home is your place on earth, so we want you to feel special in it. Each of our clients has the opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship and high quality of products in our offer. We believe that lamps are not only lighting – they are the soul of every room. We have no doubt that flashlights are more than simple gadgets. We bring even more light into your life. Each satisfied customer is our great success.

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