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Highbay LED Blaupunkt

Highbaye LED Blaupunkt Jupiter are energy-saving industrial luminaires of various power. It emits an eye-pleasing natural color (4000K) with a beam angle of 120 degrees. Highbay LED Blaupunkt Jupiter is available in three power versions: 100W, 150W or 200W. Each of them is waterproof to IP65, which means that it will work well in places with high humidity. In addition, they have a mechanical resistance value of IK08.

  • Gwarancja
  • 08
  • 120
  • IP65
  • >0,98
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Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Dimensions [mm]
Blaupunkt Industrial Lamp Highbay LED Jupiter 100W IP65 natural color [HBJ100NW] HBJ100NW 4000 100 15500 155 ⌀29,5 cm x 11,5 cm
Blaupunkt Industrial Lamp Highbay LED Jupiter 150W IP65 natural color [HBJ150NW] HBJ150NW 4000 150 23250 155 ⌀35 cm x 11,5 cm
Blaupunkt Industrial Lamp Highbay LED Jupiter 200W IP65 natural color [HBJ200NW] HBJ200NW 4000 200 31000 155 ⌀40 cm x 11,5 cm

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