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Office space is a place of work. It is also a space in which we spend a significant amount of time. Therefore, the way the space is arranged has a key influence on our lives. The final arrangement is affected by many factors, and proper lighting is certainly one of the dominant ones.  It’s even more visible today, as the office space itself has changed over the years. Currently, the bigger and bigger spaces are designed for efficient work. Greenie’s offer includes many innovative solutions for office LED lighting.

The vast majority of products in this category include office LED ceiling lighting. Starting from the classical, once widely used solutions – fluorescent lamps. Our proposal in this topic are, of course, LED tubes. They are about half more efficient products, with three colors of light (warm white, natural white, cold white) and long service life. They will successfully replace the previously used fluorescent lamps.

In modern spaces, we offer products that can replace fluorescent lamps. They combine the light efficiency with the design. We are talking about Greenie LED PLS Panels. They are extremely thin panels that produce light with their entire surface. They’re dedicated for the suspended ceilings. They come in several sizes, they also offer three colors of light. An interesting solution is the PLS40CC model, which allows you to change the color of the light from the warm white to the cold white and is equipped with a dimming function. Other  products in the category of office LED lighting are Greenie Wave LED panels and raster luminaires LED PLGM. We also have a smaller fixtures and panels (PNS, PNR), which in turn are products, which also are mounted in suspended ceilings, replacing halogen lamps.

Also, there is the possibility to use linear lighting in suspended ceilings. Greenie recessed LED profiles can be combined in one sequence, so that they are able to illuminate large areas.

Greenie LED Soho luminaires, in turn, are a proposal of directional lighting. Mounted on the links, they can be used for lighting desks or conference tables and in general, wherever there is required a more focused light. This also is the purpose of the ceiling mounted Greenie Led downlights and LED Manhattan lamps. PLC (G24) lamps are also often used in offices. They’re mounted in dedicated fixtures, and produce strong light.  Of course, our offer also includes those light sources but in the LED version.

This is only a brief introduction to the wide gamma of products of LED lighting from Greenie. Without a doubt, the right choice will provide optimum lighting of the work, which in turn has enormous impact on the ergonomics of every workplace.

Office LED lighting

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