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Retail & Convenience Store LED Lighting

Lighting of stores, and retails is very important, because it has a big impact on the exposure and positioning of products on the shelves. LED lighting, thanks to a wide range of light colors is ideal for such applications. The natural light tone temperature of 4500K 4000 best reproduces the colors and not tweaks them. The color palette also contains other colors of light, so you can use LED lighting to highlight your store or point of commercial space from the competition.

Greenie LED products that are recommended for use as a lighting of shops and retails are mostly:

LED Rail track light, which is technologically advanced solution through which a beam of light can be directed in a certain way. LED track lights have a different color housings – white, black and silver, so that the design can be easily adapted to the interior design of a store. LED track lights offer 1-phase and 3-phase systems, with the second system recommended just for shopping, due to its versatility and the ability to control each reflector on the rail. LED rail tracklights are directional lights, so you can distinguish the individual elements of the room.

LED tubes with T8 and T5 sockets are products that allow you to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes 1: 1, while simultaneous generating substantial energy savings. LED tubes are available in the colors of light that are ideal for lighting grocery stores in the meat, cheese, fish, bread or fruit and vegetables versions. They can be used in old-style fluorescent fixtures, counters or refrigerators. Fluorescent tubes have different lengths from 60cm to 150cm. They are available with a matt or transparent cover. We offer two series – with 5 and 3 years warranty.

Linear LED luminaire is a product that will work just as well as LED lighting. In this category of LED light sources, we offer various types of standard and hermetic fixture series of LH, LHS and LLS series with various lengths and strengths. They can be surface-mounted, flush-mounted or on mounted on ropes  – everyone will find the ideal solution for a store.

Panels and ceiling LED luminaires are a solution that works very well when there is suspended ceiling in a store. LED panels are very simply mounted in the ceiling of this type as well as Armstrong ceilings – we offer products with dimensions suited in a way as to replace the old type of fluorescent or raster lighting. Panels and LED ceiling light fixtures come in various shapes – usually round and rectangular. The power range is wide and varies from small 3W luminaries to the stronger luminaries with ten times more power. In this category we also offer surface mounted LED panels.

Shop windows often are illuminated with LED flood lights that can be directed at specific site. Thanks to their IP65 waterproofness class they are also suitable to be mounted on the outside, so they prove to be useful as outdoor LED lighting or LED advertising banner lighting.

LED bulbs are the most obvious products that can be used in shops and trade points. They simply replace bulbs of the old type. Thanks to the classical threads and plugs, the exchange is very simple and does not require a visit to an electrician. LED bulbs can be mounted in housings or the classic chandeliers. Products based on the GU10 and MR16 sockets will replace classic halogen lamps, but will consume 10 times less energy, which will certainly have a positive impact on the volume of bills in your shop.

Another interesting solution for lighting shops and retails are LED projectors that allow you to project the store logo or any inscription. This solution will help your customers find the right location and can also act as a form of advertising a specific store.

Greenie Company offer a wide range of LED lights, that work in stores, public offices or trade points. We are eager to advise you the lighting that suits your needs best.

Retail & Convenience Store LED Lighting

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