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Blaupunkt Product Catalog

The Blaupunkt brand is a pioneer in the production of radio receivers in Europe. This innovative company was founded in the 1920s. For years, it has been providing a wide range of high-quality electronic equipment. The domain of the brand is the production of electronics and household appliances, speakers, GPS navigation for cars, air conditioning, heat pumps, watches, batteries, smartphones and electric vehicles.

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Among the many practical devices using the latest technologies, there are also lighting products – LED bulbs. The LED bulbs produced by the Blaupunkt brand are equipped with modern SMD 2835 diodes. The use of light-emitting diodes and proprietary solutions in the field of electronics resulted in the production of LED bulbs with a lifetime of 15,000 hours. Thanks to the use of popular E27, E14, GU10, G9, G4 threads, Blaupunkt LED bulbs will be used in the company, at home and in a home workshop.

Blaupunkt bulbs are characterized by low electricity consumption. The strongest bulb in the brand’s portfolio does not exceed 10W with its power. Thanks to this, it does not use much energy and shines exactly like a traditional 100W bulb. Blaupunkt bulbs also have bulbs with a milk structure. This solution allows for optimal light diffusion and minimizes the irritating glare effect.

Each bulb model has two light color temperatures. The color of warmth is perfect for places associated with relaxation and informal atmosphere. This spectrum of light is perfect for restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars. In addition, it has soundproofing properties and is ideal for use as a light for a bedside lamp. It will also be used in ceiling fixtures in the living room and in the dining room. The natural white color is the ideal light for work and for perfect color reproduction and contrasting of objects. Perfect for reading a book, working with documents and for manual work related to DIY and repairing complex elements. Due to the neutral light color, it perfectly reproduces colors. For this reason, it is worth placing Blaupunkt bulbs with this color in the wardrobe and by the mirror, where we control our appearance. It will also work perfectly in the bathroom during the morning toilet.

Blaupunkt bulbs are modern light sources that save electricity and provide high-quality light.

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