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Cost-free lighting upgrade (ESCO)

The whole process is called “ESCO financing” and consists in the fact that the purchase of lighting is made by our company, while the beneficiary (e.g. a commune, community, company) repays the purchase from the savings that will arise after replacing the lighting with LED thanks to lower electricity consumption .

The key advantage of ESCO Greenie financing is the fact that the beneficiary is always in a winning position – it does not bear any risk or cost. The entire cost of the modernization is covered by our company and then compensates it with a part of the savings obtained by the beneficiary. From the first day of using Greenie LED lighting, the beneficiary generates savings of 70%. The repayment period is usually 2 or 3 years, while the warranty for Greenie LED products is 3 to 5 years. The entire process is therefore finalized within the warranty period. The beneficiary therefore does not bear any risk!

The offer of ESCO Greenie is addressed both to state entities (cities, municipalities, public facilities), social entities (housing communities) and private entities (warehouse and production halls, offices, large-format stores, etc.).

Cost-free lighting upgrade (ESCO)

How does financing from Greenie work?

1. The owner or manager of the illuminated objects (Beneficiary) declares their willingness to participate in the financing program. You can do it by e-mail: or by phone: 22 842 22 32, +48 601 323 254

2. The next step is to provide the inventory of the currently used lighting (type, quantity, power). It is also possible to perform an audit by our company’s employees.

3.Greenie Polska selects the best LED replacements for current lamps based on the lighting inventory, site visits and measurements. Then he performs photometric projects, projections of costs and achieved savings.

4. Greenie presents the results to the Beneficiary. Greenie’s share in the savings obtained and the repayment period are determined.

5. Greece and the Beneficiary sign an agreement where Greenie Polska undertakes to provide, install and fulfill the guarantee for LED lamps, while the Beneficiary undertakes to transfer the agreed part of the savings for the agreed repayment period.

6.Greenie Polska supplies and replaces LED lighting. The fund finances supplies and exchanges.

7. Over a specified period of time, the investor transfers most of the savings made to the fund’s costs.

8. After the repayment period, the Beneficiary takes full advantage of the savings resulting from replacing the lighting with LED and becomes the sole owner of the lighting.

Benefits for the investor – commune or company:

✓ financial benefits – electricity bills are reduced by up to 70-80% ,,
✓ improvement of road safety or improvement of working conditions in halls and warehouses, resulting from the use of lighting providing a stronger beam of light,
✓ completely free replacement of lighting with the latest LED lamps with an estimated service life of up to 10-15 years,
✓ minimizing the cost of maintaining lighting, thanks to the lack of replacements and repairs.

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