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Flood Lights

Modern LED floodlights offered by our company are a very good alternative to traditional solutions used to illuminate elements outside of buildings (facades, driveways, garages, billboards), as well as large spaces such as warehouse or sports halls. They will successfully replace the previously used halogen floodlights, commonly known as “halopaks”.

Flood Lights

The numerous advantages of the LED floodlight include, first of all, energy efficiency, immediate readiness to work (no time to “warm up”), long service life (even tens of thousands of hours). The products are waterproof to IP65 and highly resistant to external factors. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have distinguished in our offer two basic series of floodlights – Professional and Economy. In addition, we also offer a LED floodlight with a motion and twilight sensor as well as RGB, i.e. multicolored, remote-controlled, ideal for use, for example, in clubs, wedding halls.

Product families from the LED floodlight series
The Professional LED floodlight is distinguished by a 3-year warranty, which is granted due to the fact that the floodlight is based on the highest quality components – Epistar diodes and MeanWell components. Among them there are products with low power of 10-50W and industrial floodlights with power above 100W, ideal for use in halls, warehouses, parking lots or even in churches. The LED Professional floodlight is perfect for lighting sports facilities such as stadiums, football fields, courts, football halls. It can also be used as facade lighting – the IP65 waterproof class ensures trouble-free operation outdoors, in exposure to weather conditions.

The Economy LED floodlight is covered by a standard 2-year warranty. This type of floodlight works very well in “home” use, eg to illuminate the driveway, building facade, and the vicinity of the house. It is an LED floodlight with small, compact dimensions. Compared to the Professional series products, it is definitely smaller. We know from experience that our clients choose the Economy LED floodlight also for lighting interiors decorated in a modern, industrial style.

The PiR LED floodlight, i.e. a version with a motion and twilight sensor, is an ideal solution for places where light is needed only from time to time. The dusk sensor prevents the floodlight from turning on when it is bright enough. The LED floodlight turns on after motion detection, i.e. when someone is within its range, it is about 5-6 meters.

The RGB LED floodlight shines with multicolored light, which can be set using the included remote control. You can set any color of light or a special program on it. It is an ideal solution for use in clubs or wedding halls. On the remote control, you can also set one specific color and thus illuminate advertising banners or specific elements of building facades. The use of these products is only limited by human imagination.

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