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Infrared heating - mat and heating panels

What is infrared and how does it work?
Infrared heating is considered to be modern and breakthrough, because it is a completely different technology than the convection heating that is installed in most houses so far. The most famous infrared “radiator” is simply the sun. Just as the sun warms us on summer days, the devices based on this technology emit rays that we feel on the skin as warmth. Infrared energy is radiation energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic waves and can be reflected, focused and absorbed. Thanks to these properties, energy is converted into heat when it is absorbed by organisms and objects from the environment. Infrared waves are of such length that they are not visible to us, but we feel them on our body as pleasant warmth. Therefore, infrared heating technology is becoming more and more popular for heating apartments, using infrared panels and heating mats to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house.

Infrared heating - mat and heating panels

The difference between infrared heating and traditional convection heating
In convection heating, the heating process begins in the furnace, which usually burns fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil, wood). The furnace heats the water, which is transported through a pipe system to the radiators. However, before the heat reaches the people in the rooms, it has to go a long way. The heated air rises to the ceiling near the radiators, which means that the air temperature under the ceiling may be several degrees higher than the air temperature at the floor. As time goes on, the air under the ceiling cools down and begins to sink along the opposite wall. Then, near the floor, it flows towards the radiator, where it is heated again, restarting the circulation process. In a traditional heating system, we deal with the following energy losses:

Rooms with a convection system are not heated evenly – the further we are from the radiator, the colder it gets. By installing infrared heating in your apartment or house, e.g. heating panels, you can ensure the comfort of an evenly heated room. Infrared rays emitted by a mat or infrared panels spread throughout the room, reflect from furniture, walls, ceilings and guarantee almost the same temperature, no matter how far we are from the infrared heating panel. This means that the heat losses are much lower than in the case of convection heating, and therefore infrared heating, using for this purpose heating mats and infrared panels, is much more energy-efficient.

Greenie infrared heating mats
The heating mat is a high-quality product based on nanotechnology. It is made of a damage-resistant polymer composite covered with carbon nanotubes that transform electric current into infrared radiation. Heating mats are very thin, less than a millimeter thick – so they can be successfully installed almost anywhere.

Traditionally and most often they are used as underfloor heating, but they can also be mounted on walls, ceilings (under plasterboard) or even on window sills. Greenie heating mats can be used as both main and additional heating. They can be successfully installed under any type of floor lined with panels or ceramic tiles, they will also work very well in wooden houses.

The heating mat offered by Greenie Polska has a heating power of 220W / m2 – this is the most optimal value, which, with low electricity consumption, guarantees the best heating effect, which our company has verified on the basis of numerous studies and tests. Assuming that Greenie heating mats are to be the main and only heating of your house or apartment, we recommend covering 70-80% of the floor area with them.

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