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Discover a lot of amazing possibilities with LED strips from Greenie
Thanks to the combination of high functionality and energy efficiency, LED strip is more and more often chosen as the main or decorative lighting of apartments, houses and offices. Thanks to its small size, high flexibility and self-adhesive layer, the mounting possibilities of this linear light source are unlimited. In addition to LED strips of different power and colors of light, we also offer a full range of accessories for LED strips, such as power supplies, drivers, connectors and other elements that facilitate connection.

LED Tapes & Accessories

The LED strip is one of the most popular products offered by Greenie Polska. All this is due to the wide range of available power and light colors, as well as an attractive price. A large selection of power, lighting colors and classes of water resistance of LED strips allows their use in almost all conditions. The smaller power of the tapes will work best in the decorative lighting of shop windows and the perimeter of suspended ceilings. Higher power LED strips can even replace basic light sources in houses and apartments, they can also be used as advertising banner lighting or can be used to illuminate streets and buildings.

All our LED strips are based on ultra-efficient Epistar diodes – a world leader among producers of light-emitting diodes. The combination of high-quality LEDs with a special PCB substrate in white or black has resulted in the creation of extremely functional and energy-saving light sources, which are more and more often chosen not only as decorative lighting, but also as a representative element of modern offices and other utility rooms. Due to the small dimensions and strong and expressive light, LED strips are more and more often found in urban public space, and we can also come across them during various events.

A wide range of LED strips and LED accessories
We offer white LED strips (warm white / natural white / cold white) and single-color versions, providing almost monochromatic light in a precisely defined lighting color, classic RGB strips and RGB + White LED strips are also available. Our offer also includes tapes equipped with LEDs with an increased color rendering index CRI> 90, which are ideal for places where the most accurate color recognition is the key element, e.g. in the textile industry and in shopping malls. Each of the LED strips is also available in a waterproof gel with IP65 class, especially recommended for use in places such as kitchens and bathrooms, or in a thick IP68 braid suitable for use outside buildings. In addition, each LED strip with IP65 and lower contains a self-adhesive 3M backing that facilitates its installation on any surface. The most popular LED strips and modules operate at 12V DC, we also have strips operating at 24V DC and strips powered directly from 230V AC, not requiring a power supply, and connected only through a special stabilizer with a Gretz bridge. In the case of 230V LED strips, remember to use the stabilizers available in our offer, because without them the LEDs will be powered only from half of the sine wave, so the light will not be stable and the LED flickering effect may occur.

The LED strip department is also rich in all types of accessories, such as quick connectors for easy installation, as well as drivers for White and One-color strips (single-channel drivers), RGB (three-channel drivers) and RGB + White (four-channel drivers). The operation of the white and multicolor LED strip can be regulated by drivers operating on infrared or radio waves with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. We also have simple controllers with manual knobs or with function buttons. Thanks to a wide range of drivers, it is possible to obtain any required color of RGB tapes or to accurately set the brightness of a single-color tape. Many drivers also offer strobe functions as well as the blinking, fading or intermingling of colors available on a given tape.

Greenie LED strips divided according to the types of LEDs used

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