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LED Track Lights

Track lights, thanks to their original appearance, are functional and universal. It is an excellent choice to diversify the space or complement interiors with an original style.

LED Track Lights

What are rail systems?

As the name suggests, it is a system mounted on special rails. LED track lighting is a modern lighting module that will work well in lighting apartments, but also unconventional spaces, e.g. shops, shopping malls or museums. In many cases, it is important to illuminate a specific element, and often also the ability to easily change the direction of incidence of light and the color of lighting, e.g. to emphasize changes in exposure. For this purpose, a high CRI> 90 and the possibility of easy light configuration provided by Blaupunkt LED track lights.

The characteristic features of the rail systems are mobility, versatility of use, and ease of configuration. To meet the needs of consumers, the Blaupunkt LED track lights offer is appropriately varied. Depending on your needs, you can choose 1-phase or 3-phase spotlights. White or black. Moreover, all Blaupunkt headlamps are dimmable and distinguishable by their flicker-free feature.

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