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Linear Lights

What is linear lighting?
Linear lighting is primarily known and commonly used LED lamps (tubes) of various lengths. They can be installed in currently used luminaires, omitting the current power supply systems, or in luminaires dedicated to LED lighting – they allow you to connect these products directly to 230V. In addition to LED fluorescent lamps, our company also offers hermetic linear luminaires with an integrated light source. These luminaires have different wattages and different lengths, so they are suitable for different types of applications. Details are available below.

Linear Lights

Save energy with LED lamps from Greenie
Linear lighting can be defined as a segment of Greenie brand products belonging to the general category of industrial lighting. As in the case of other categories, the dynamic development of LED technology has enabled the emergence of substitutes for existing sources and the emergence of completely new solutions.

The first association with this category and at the same time the most recognizable product is a fluorescent lamp, and in the case of Greenie it is a fluorescent lamp that uses LED diodes. They successfully replace classic gas fluorescent lamps. There are many arguments in favor of Greenie LED fluorescent lamps, such as lower energy consumption (even up to 50%, not counting the ballast) or longer service life. Fluorescent lamps are available in the same lengths as those used so far, the situation is similar in terms of mounting, we have popular T8, T5 and even 2G11 fluorescent lamps. Although the LED fluorescent lamp is intended for general use, our offer includes LED fluorescent lamps with a more specific purpose. We are talking about fluorescent lamps from the Flora LED series. These products emit blue light, alternating with red, which affects chlorophyll in plants and accelerates their growth. A similar product are LED lamps for meat counters, the light they generate improves the exposure. It is also worth mentioning the LED fluorescent lamp equipped with microwave motion sensors and a standby function – this solution additionally increases efficiency in the saving category.

The factor affecting savings is the fact that LED lamps usually do not need any additional energy-consuming elements in the luminaire, so at the time of replacement, the luminaires must be modified or replaced with new ones. However, when we are faced with the dilemma of replacing light sources and we are not able to modify or replace the ones used so far, our company has a solution for this – fluorescent lamps cooperating with ballast. In such a case, the replacement simply consists in mounting the fluorescent lamp in the luminaire without any additional intervention.

Other products included in the LED linear lighting
Our segment of LED linear lighting also has other products that can be, depending on the needs, a supplement or an alternative to the use of fluorescent lamps. We are talking about Greenie linear hermetic LED luminaires with an integrated light source. These products can be a great replacement for the used hermetic luminaires with fluorescent lamps, they are available in three variants: 18W 590mm, 36W 1180mm, 48W 1480mm, i.e. in variants corresponding to the most commonly used fluorescent lamps. It is a very solution if we cannot or do not want to install classic luminaires with fluorescent lamps.

The Greenie LED Professional system luminaires are a similar type of products from the LED linear lighting category. These luminaires also have an integrated light source. In addition, they are adapted to work in difficult conditions, so they are perfect for places where there is high or low temperature (-20 ℃ to 50 ℃), high dustiness or even moisture. These factors, plus the fact that the luminaire is available in many variants (20W 600mm, 25W 900mm, 40W 1200mm, 50W 1500mm, 80W 1800mm, 100W 2400mm), emphasize the wide range of applications in various indoor and outdoor locations.

Greenie LED linear lighting is not only products intended only for industrial applications. The advantages of linear solutions can be combined with the advantages of display products. This is a task for Greenie linear luminaires from the Toronto and Boston series. The fixtures are carefully made, they come in many options when it comes to size and power. The shortest option is 300mm with a power of 8.5W, while the longest is 2000mm with a power of 60W. Additionally, the attached mounting elements (mounting directly to the ceiling or hanging on ropes) allow the luminaires to illuminate a display cabinet in the premises, a kitchen counter at home, or even an office space in the case of stronger luminaires. To sum up, the multitude of parameters and possible applications prove the great potential of Greenie’s linear lighting.

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