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Panels & Ceiling Lights

Multifunctionality of LED luminaires and panels
LED luminaires and ceiling panels are becoming more and more popular lighting used not only in houses or apartments, but also in offices, offices, shops and other public places. We offer lighting adapted to be mounted on special cables or directly in suspended ceilings or Armstrong ceilings. We also offer plafonds and surface-mounted LED ceiling panels. They are distinguished by an even and uniform beam of light emitted by their entire surface, which ensures an unprecedented, modern and aesthetic lighting effect.

Panels & Ceiling Lights

Flagship products from the Greenie LED luminaires and ceiling panels series
The most classic LED PLS panel are very thin light sources with a matte diffuser that shine with their entire surface. These are panels dedicated to Armstrong ceilings and classic suspended ceilings. They come in several strengths and sizes to choose from, the most popular of which are the 60x60cm models. They look very aesthetic and are perfect for offices, but not only. For these panels, we offer frames that enable surface mounting. PLGM raster panels are similar to them, which you can choose in two sizes – either 60x60cm or 120x30cm. These are panels resembling classic louvres with fluorescent lamps, but the main difference in this case is the integrated, built-in light source. Additionally, the panels have three light strips surrounded by a dark frame, which looks very nice on the ceiling.

The LED ceiling panel of the PNR and PNS series are mostly round recessed panels with white frames, dedicated to suspended ceilings. Our offer includes a wide range of these products in various sizes and with different light powers. Panels of this type are also available in a square version. It is a product very similar to LED holders, which basically differ in structure and design. The LED ceiling luminaire is usually in silver housings, it has visible Power LED diodes mounted under special lenses that perfectly focus the light. It is a perfect solution for directional lighting, distinguishing specific elements in the room.

In addition to typically flush-mounted panels, we also offer surface-mounted luminaires and ceiling panels. Among them you can find an RN ceiling spotlight with an adjustable lighting angle, as well as a classic LED ceiling in the standard version and in the version with a motion and twilight sensor. The series of Solid metal plafonds, which are extremely resistant to damage and external factors, also deserves a distinction.

The Soho and Manhattan LED luminaires are modern flush-mounted lamps that can also be suspended on special slings. It is a designer lighting, very effective and distinctive among standard types. In addition, you will also find classic chandeliers with built-in LED light sources. Additional information can be found in the subcategories below.

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