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Greenie RGB and PIR LED floodlight

The Greenie RGB LED floodlight is a multi-colored light source that is controlled by the included remote control. It is perfect for lighting bars, music clubs, wedding halls, or any other place where colorful light looks good. The Greenie LED PIR floodlight is a different version with a built-in motion and twilight sensor, i.e. a light source that turns on when it is dark and detects movement in the vicinity of a few meters. It is perfect for lighting driveways or around buildings. Both types of floodlights are a high-quality product which, thanks to the IP65 waterproof class, can be used as outdoor lighting.

  • Guarantee
  • Guarantee
  • Guarantee
  • 85 - 265V
  • 120°
  • > 80
  • -40° ~ 50°
  • Epistar
  • IP65
  • ≥ 0,9
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Technical data:

  • Zawiera źródło światła: TAK

Additional data:

  • Dodatkowe urządzenia: pilot na podczerwień (w naświetlaczach RGB)
  • Zapamiętywanie kolorów: NIE, dostępne na zamówienie

Technical data

  Item code Colortemperature [K] Power [W] Equivalent Luminosity [lm] Light efficiency [lm/W] Number of LEDs Dimensions [mm] Weight
Professional 20W LED SMD floodlight with a motion detector and twilight IP65 NW NLPIR20NW 4000-4500 20 150 1600 80 24 160 x 190 x 45 0,48kg
Professional 30W LED SMD floodlight with a motion detector and twilight IP65 NW NLPIR30NW 4000-4500 30 220 2400 80 36 160 x 190 x 45 0,485kg


NLP20NWThe measurement is made for a natural color

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