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Proper lighting of warehouses and manufacturing plants is a basis whenever it comes to ergonomics and safety of work. Warehouses and manufacturing plants have significant role in every enterprise. Such objects demands everything to be taken care of. It is unacceptable to make even one mistake in a project, as every mistake brings risk of causing accident.

There are many factors, which decide about functionality of building, however it is safety of work environment, which is the most important.  Nevertheless, is it possible to safely perform work duties in company without a proper lighting? We believe not. That’s why we offer great and modern LED products, which allow for safe and comfortable work, regardless of room’s size or destination. All of our products which are designed for warehouses and production plants have RoHs and CE certificates and very high PF Power ratio (Power Factor) as well as CRI indicator. Using our lamps can significantly reduce power bills by up to 50%. This investment will return almost immediately. Additionally, Greenie lighting can be bought in installments, which is paid back immediately by saved money.

By using materials of best quality, industrial LED lighting works well in difficult production conditions and in lighting of warehouses. In case of more demanding objects, such as enormous halls – we prepared special, adjusted products such as Greenie LED ATEX explosive protected floodlights or Greenie LED Gasoline Industrial Luminaires.

Greenie LED anti-explosive floodlights ATEX, are lamps, which work best in refineries, pumping stations, petrol stations or mines. The lamp housing is made of aluminum-free copper, and the covering of tempered glass. With this construction, the lamp has a class mechanical resistance IK10 and class IP66 of water resistance. Lamps have a 5 year warranty and are available in lighting angles from 15 to 120 °.

Industrial LED luminaires Greenie Gasoline were designed for petrol stations. These are lamps with a modular design and have a specially designed heat sink. The modular design greatly affects the heat dissipation and maintenance of lamps. Luminaires have a class IP67 of water resistance which indicates resistance to atmospheric agents.

Greenie LED tubes are worth particular interest, as they are ideal to replace conventional fluorescent tubes, which are the most popular light source used in lighting stores, warehouses and industrial buildings. Classic fluorescent tubes with a length of 120cm consume 36W and 150cm fluorescent tubes consume up to 58W. Our LED tubes can save 50% of energy, because the 120cm fluorescent lamp require only 18W instead of 36W.

In this category you can also find LED Greenie HighBay lamps. HighBay Series are a revolutionary hanging lamps that perfectly fulfill their task as LED lighting of stores, warehouses and manufacturing plants. The power of only 100W easily replaces traditional lamps with a power of 300W. This is an incredible energy saving. Most of the lamps and luminaires can be ordered with motion and dusk sensors.

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Warehouse & Industrial Lighting

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