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Sports & Stadium LED Lighting

Places of sporting activities consist of various objects. It’s obvious that they differ with the surface and can be covered or opened. Regardless of the type of destination, in order to function properly, any object needs proper, efficient lighting. The current development of LED technology allows you to choose lighting products in virtually every field without worrying about the lighting parameters.

General division of the products is due to the above-described characteristics of lighting that is dedicated to the outside or inside of an object. Lighting of sports facilities is close to the area of industrial lighting segment. After all, sports halls often are objects with similar characteristics. Thus, choosing lighting for a sports facility can often be equal to choosing from industrial lighting products. And so if we want to illuminate e.g. a sports hall like basketball or volleyball hall, Highbay lamps would be best.  They are recommended due to high efficiency, especially for tall objects. Lamps can be fitted to nearly any ceiling. Lamps with a higher mechanical strength (IK) are particularly worth recommending. One of such product is, for example Greenie LED Lamp 100W Philips Flat HighBay 3030 / MeanWell. In addition, a wide viewing angle and approachable design emphasize the usefulness of this product. Highbay LED lamps can have different parameters. You can opt for different kinds of industrial LED Greenie HighBay HighTECH lamps. This model provides you the ability to use a more focused light angle range from 25 ° to 90 °. Therefore it is a good solution in order, for example to illuminate the dance floor in the hall.

You can also apply a light bulb of Alucorn series. This is a good solution for the places where there are fittings designed to support bulbs with thread E40. In many sports halls there are special fixtures, secured appropriately for sports competitions. In this case it is easier just to change the lighting sources within the fixtures. Our industrial lamps are available in several variants, e.g. Industrial Greenie LED Bulb E40 100W, E40 flat panel lamp or Greenie industrial lamps – HighBay IN series. These are products that offer more directional beam angle.

Other products dedicated both for outside and inside of the sports facility are floodlights. Here it is especially worth to recommend the professional series. Floodlights are available in various strengths. Of course, in the context of sports, only strongest models of lighting are considered. Here, the best solution seems to be the 100W model. The product is available in the IP65 class of waterproofness so it can also be used as external lighting of the object.

But if our goal is outdoor lighting of sports facility, e.g. a football field or athletic field – in this case, we should use a professional, specially designed for this purpose products – such as Greenie LED Arena floodlights. This powerful and efficient lamps (up to 960W) are able to generate adequate lighting, and at the same time they do not have a high demand for energy compared to traditional lighting. Lighting products used for the profiled purposes must be reliable. Therefore, in the case of Arena floodlights the components from leading manufacturers were used. Diodes were provided by Philips (Luxeon TX), and the power supply by Meanwell Company.

The selection of components is crucial for the every sports facility in order to ensure the proper functioning of the unit. The use of only proven solutions will allow to achieve the intended results and take full advantage of LED lighting technology.

Sports & Stadium LED Lighting

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