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Track Lights

What is the characteristic of LED track lighting from Greenie?
LED track lighting is a modern modular lighting system that works well in lighting apartments and houses, shops, museums or others, where it is important to highlight a specific element. The main advantages of track lighting are ease of configuration, mobility and versatility of use. This type of lighting is becoming more and more popular not only among owners of, for example, clothing stores, but also among people who finish their apartments in a modern, designer style.

Track Lights

As the name suggests, the rail system is a system that allows light sources to be mounted on specially dedicated rails. In order to meet a wide range of consumer needs, the LED track lighting offer is appropriately diversified, it includes various forms of configuration. It is therefore worth getting to know the most important aspects characterizing the rail systems so that our possible purchasing decisions are made in a conscious manner.

The most important feature describing the LED track reflector offered by Greenie is the division into single-phase and three-phase systems. It is worth mentioning that this division does not refer to the operating voltage, due to a rather similar definition, this parameter may be confused. Therefore, you can sometimes meet with a different way of naming, e.g. single-circuit or three-circuit, but it is a rather rare phenomenon and it can be stated that the term one or three-phase has become the official term. While emphasizing that both systems, regardless of the used nomenclature, operate at 230V. The main difference is that in the case of a three-phase bus, it is possible to connect three separate circuits to the bus (three times 230V, not 400V). This solution extends the system configuration options. The general advantage of rail systems is the connection of several sources to one rail, i.e. de facto to one current connection, while the three-phase solution allows you to decide which specific LED track lights should be turned on or off. As you can deduce, single-phase systems are deprived of this possibility, simplifying when several spotlights are installed on one rail, they simply all light up.

Regardless of the selected type of system, their application is very wide due to the various configuration options. Most often, these solutions can be found in various types of stores, service outlets or art galleries. In all those places where there are elements of decor or exhibitions worth mentioning. Of course, the final nature of the use of rail systems depends on the selected reflectors, but the dominant, although not sufficient, offer of LED rail lights with a relatively narrow focused luminous flux causes that the rail system is mainly used as an additional, complementary light source, emphasizing the selected objects.

A wide range of Greenie LED track lights
If the matter of distinguishing and choosing the rails themselves seems relatively simple, then when it comes to the headlights themselves, the matter is a bit different. Here, the choice is much greater. The range of elements proving the choice of a given reflector is wide. Of course, it’s best to follow the old principle of making choices according to your needs and then choose a source with appropriate parameters. And there is a lot to choose depending on the light output, shape, size or such a mundane thing as the color of the housing. Greenie LED track spotlight is available with various parameters to meet customer requirements. If we take into account the power consumption factor, the range of our reflectors ranges from 3 watts to even 30W. They are available in all color temperatures of warm, neutral and cold lighting. We can also choose an angle of illumination, e.g. 45 degrees, 60 or even 100.

The developing LED technology did not spare the rail segment. As a result, you can also choose between LED track lights based on Power LED technology, in these products we can, for example, get a more focused beam and those based on COB (Chip on Board) LEDs. This solution is used in LED headlamps, which may have a wider luminous flux and, due to the efficiency of the diode itself, in more powerful headlamp models. Each LED track light is a complete integrated product with a light source (diode) and a dedicated power supply. So for proper operation, it is enough to connect the LED reflector to the rail.

An alternative to the integrated LED rail lights is a rail fitting with an E27 thread, which is the most commonly used in our home or workplace. A PAR reflector bulb is ideally suited to this track luminaire. Of course, it is possible to screw in any bulb with the same thread, but it may not match the rail fitting, as in the case of a Greenie reflector bulb. Of course, a detailed description of all aspects of Greenie LED track lighting would require much more space, however, we hope that the above text will serve as a good introduction to the issue.

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