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Street Lights

LED technology went the way through, which it greatly expanded its range of applications in quite short time. Indeed, until recently, LEDs have been mainly associated with light sources of low power, and generally decorative use. Currently, as a result of that development, the LEDs can be used as an efficient and cost-effective street lighting.

That LED street lighting is a solution that focuses all the advantages of using LED sources within its lenses. The issue of quality of street lighting is beyond the dispute, as this is an important factor directly affecting the life of the community. At the moment Polish cities and municipalities are the dominated with lighting discharge pressure sodium lamps with the characteristic orange-colored light. Other types of lamps which are used are metal halide or mercury lamps. It is therefore worth to characterize the product range of LED sources of our company.

Generally, the products included in the offer of LED street lighting can be divided into two categories: integrated LED luminaires and replacement source to be installed in the luminaire (lamp). Our bulbs can be further classified into omni-directional and directional. Omnidirectional bulbs are products in the category – Alucorn Greenie LED. There are many versions of power (from 20W up to 250W), so that our light bulbs are able to replace almost any sodium or mercury lamp. Weaker 20-30W models are usually in available in warm white light color, and more powerfull ones in natural white or cold white color. Bulbs are built based on Epistar LED’s. Products from this category are dedicated to luminaries (fixtures) that support omni-directional light sources. They can prove to be useful in the lighting of park alleys, squares, or city streets and sidewalks. The second category are a LED directional street bulbs – Greenie ST Professional. This products are dedicated to street lighting with, fixtures giving light straight down. These light sources are based on LED 5630SMD Samsung diodes. It is worth mentioning that this series is compatible with sodium lamps or mercury, so replacement is simpler and reduces costs. Bulbs are available in natural white and cold white color.

Another category of products in a series of street lighting LED luminaires is a luminaire equipped with integrated source. Here, the same as previously, the offer is varied. These luminaires are available in several variants, e.g. Power range from 20 to 250W. They are based on different LED technologies. They use LED Power diodes or COB (Chip on Board). Our products include LED street luminaires Greenie Lagoon containing 3030SMD diodes, LED street luminaires Greenie Strada based on Samsung 351B diodes, street luminaires Greenie LED COB Bridgelux. All these products are mounted directly on the street lamp pole.

Greenie Company also has products that will prove to be useful as park lightning. We are talking about Elementum park lamp, which in addition to the light also offers interesting design. Moreover, our company offers bulbs in the shape of cones dedicated for the park lamps.

Street LED lighting is a key issue for any community, and its replacement is an investment that can bring benefits both in financial and social terms.

Street Lights

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